Evolution of the southeastern part of the Pannonian Basin and its implications

  • Dejan Radivojević University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department of Regional Geology,Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.
Keywords: asymmetric simple shearing, Lake Pannon, progradation, geological formations, petroleum geology


The southeastern part of the Pannonian Basin System probably represents the most important area for determining its origin and evolution. The geodynamics also influenced the way that sediments fill the basin and therefore the economic resources that can be found in these sediments. All this led to the fact that the Pannonian Basin is the most developed part of our country. The great scientific value of this area is found in the fact that it represents an excellent training ground for the demonstration of the opening of the Pannonian basin system as well as the progradation of sediments from the southern and southeastern direction. In addition to the already confirmed economic importance through the exploitation of hydrocarbons, geothermal and hydrothermal waters, coal and construction materials, there is great potential in geoheritage and geotourism.

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Radivojević, D. (2023) “Evolution of the southeastern part of the Pannonian Basin and its implications”, Geološki anali Balkanskoga poluostrva, 84(2), pp. 133-145. doi: 10.2298/GABP230624008R.